The end is the beginning is the end…

I have decided to start fresh with the blog concept, this will be my third serious attempt at developing an online repository for things that interest me. Why move or change at all? There are two main reasons, firstly the last blog pretty much had gone as far as I could take it without a huge investment of time and money. It was getting a decent number of hits per day and I had succeeded in making it a point of reference for educational technology, software and all things geek. It allowed me to make contact with some great developers and people in general. Moreover it allowed me to, at least in some small way, highlight some of the great things that were happening on the Mac platform and provide people with the opportunity to acquire brilliant software for their own use. To take things further on this route I feel I would need to commit full time to researching, investing and networking which I just don’t have the time or resources to support. Secondly my aspirations for the blog changed somewhat from when it was initially conceived. I still want to discuss technology, software and geek related subject matters but I also want to explore photography, anime, poetry and my more creative side a lot more. I want the blog to be perhaps a little more risque in nature and a little less safe, a truer reflection of me if you will. So this time round posts may be pictures, quotes, YouTube videos and things seemingly less structured in nature but perhaps allowing me to be more structured in my overall approach to online discussion.

It is my hope that the blog will find a readership, one vastly different in many respects than before, while still offering those that enjoyed my previous discussions something of worth. I will make it clear at the outset that this blog is probably not going to be safe for work, expletives, adult themes and frank reflections on how I feel are all on the agenda. If that sounds like something that disinterests you then perhaps you best look elsewhere. The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not in any way represent the thoughts or opinions of those that I work for.

Enjoy some subtle entropy, I know I certainly do :p


~ by Paul McGovern on May 6, 2011.

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