Reshoot Comic

Twitter is a pretty amazing thing, not only does it allow you communicate with the world at large, but it can also introduce you to wonderful new people. A few days ago while I got a new follower by the name of John Kolsun. John is a monotone writer, lover of film, video Games, and comics so straight away I knew I had made a new friend! Sharing similar interests is one thing but when I found out that John is working on developing his own comic book I was pretty much blown away. ReShoot is a dark action graphic novel set in a future where celebrities run the United States. Things turn sinister and a group of the celebrities get killed, a survivor Sugar White is left to avenge his fallen friends. The graphic novel series starts one year after the failed hit on Sugar White as he attempts to confront Toke T, a Russian rapper who took his place during his absence.

The comic is still in development but preview pages can be found here. The artwork is very impressive and the narrative concept is fresh and suggests promise. John intends for the graphic novel to develop into a series but as a recent graduate is looking for funding to support his idea. He has setup a Kickstarter donation page for the project and I urge anyone who loves comics, likes to support the creative industry or who can simply afford to do so, donates to help!

I am really keen to see what John can come up with and look forward to buying his comic in the not too distant future.


~ by Paul McGovern on May 13, 2011.

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