Ten Questions: Jacqueline Dick

Following on from my previous post Creative Juices where I said thank you to all my wonderful Twitter writer friends, I am hoping to be able to highlight the work some of them do and provide a little insight into their lives. First up is someone I am privileged to call friend, Ms Jacqueline Dick. Jackie is a wonderful writer and poet whom I admire greatly. She is a caring individual who has been tremendously supportive. She makes each and every day of my life better through her writing. Jackie was kind enough to answer some questions about her life and work and I would like to thank her for taking the time to do so! Hopefully in some small way I can raise awareness of her incredible writing and help share it with others. Please check out her blog, follow her on Twitter and tell her how awesome she is with regularity : )

1. Jackie you are writer based in New York, would you care to let us know a little bit more about yourself?

Born and bred NYorker.  Besides writing, I teach  and facilitate current events course and literary courses for seniors and disabled  people confined to their homes.  I do this via telephone in sessions, for Dorot/University Without Walls, community based organization, a few times a year. Also do free lance writing for various health agencies, writing public information material.

2. What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always been a story teller, even as a child.  Later on, teachers encouraged me to write, keep a journal. Never kept the journal, but the writing became a habit on any piece of paper I happened to have around. Started a job promoting a health agency by traveling around the country with their exhibits. When the job ended, they asked me if I would like to write radio and TV public announcements.  That started the writing jigs.

3. Who do you consider your major influences to be?

I think many American writers have influenced me regarding both topic and style.  A major influence is Hemingway, and, of course, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry James, Steinbeck, Tennesse Williams, Arthur Miller, and, of course Russian and British writers….many of them. Shakespeare, of course, some of the wonderful playwright, ie Pinter…Chekov, Dostoyevski

4. What styles of writing do you enjoy reading?

I’ll read anything that’s well written.  Anything from the classics to modern bestsellers.  A good mystery, medical suspense will keep me happy for a few hours. and if there’s nothing else around, I’ll read the panel on a cereal box, maybe even rewriting it!

5. Any current plans for books/ebooks/purchasable materials?

Sometime in the future that might be in the picture.  But right now, I am amassing poems, essays, and short stories that could be part of a collection, or perhaps a poetry chap book. Concentrating on  the writing at present, not so much publishing.

6. Where can people read your work?

All of my poetry and some prose can be seen on my Twitter blog at 1EmeraldCity  Eventually, all of my prose will be posted there as well.

7. Can you describe your writing process  is there a time of day, place, environment approach you take to writing?

I find mornings are usually the most creative and energy filled time of day to get writing done.  But if the muse is with me at other times, I will not deny the prod.  I can’t.  I would have to drop everything else and listen to the music in my brain.  It has to be very quiet. Not even classical guitar.  Too much going on inside me, too much thrumming and stirring, so the stillness is essential. A small desk in my bedroom is where I work. Clutter.  I like clutter.  Don’t ask me whyand a confined space.  Too much space offers distraction.

8. You use Twitter quite a bit for micro-writing, what do you like about the platform in terms of how it supports such creativity?

I find the Twitter platform extremely inspirational.  There is such a diversity of people and opinions…when I scroll thru tweets, one word, can set me off into thinking, creating something that interests me and that I think would interest others.  The more I work with Twitter, the more I think people are more alike than different..and perhaps this is what binds me to the Twitter community, altho, the differences spice it up, no doubt.

9. Your writing is a mix of genres, how would you describe what you do?

I suppose my writing has much to do with what I am responding to at the moment.  I can’t say I’m solely a writer of sensuous poetry or prose, altho I have done it and will continue in that genre, or mystery, or suspense, or spirituality…whatever hits me at the time.  Justice interests me; fairness, the cosmos, spirituality, humanity’s follies; and humor…I love to tap into that; there’s a richness of experience, emotions, knowledge that is a bottomless well for contemplation and creative writing.

10. So when are we going on this pub crawl?

Meet you at the Prospect of Whitby tomorrow.  Bring truncheons, wellingtons, and don’t forget Michelle!


~ by Paul McGovern on May 21, 2011.

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