Mesmerising, rain drops on sheets of glass, irregular and unorthodox.
Transfixed as you walk atypical and aberrant – such pleasurable distraction.
There are no flaws, save those we choose to distinguish as points of reference.
Shared origins, common bond.

Self inflicting, purposeful, an attempt to let the pain out.
Rogue, open armed assassin – beautiful angel of the ether.
Perverse indulgent princess, everything I aspire to be. Intelligent, well formed wings reach out to the earth below.
Masturbating to applause atop rooftops of the nonchalant.

There is wonder in you, inherent pulchritude, fallacious fascination.
All knee socks and attitude. Desired friendship.
My admiration for the unusual – darling girl.


~ by Paul McGovern on June 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Deviant”

  1. You’ve lulled me into a happy dream state. 🙂 Beautiful and eloquent. Well done, Paul~ 🙂

  2. Thank you Violet, one of my favourite poets likes my writing /collapses :p

  3. I could just picture this as I read it. Awesome.

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