I look up to you, for you are sky. You are infinite, the perfect colour of the perfect day.
You are optimism, the head gently raised, no downward contemplation.
Sure, up there you may reflect, you may even feel sad, but you see wonder – the unknowingness of pensive thought.
You are contemplation, a bemusing specialty of the human form. You see something of you when you look up.
At least I think you do, for I see you when I look up. I see unformed majesty, the splendor of creation, the power it holds over us all.
For sky is there, it encapsulates what we are, providing atmosphere to our lives. Just like you.
It’s never the same is it? It changes minute by minute, hour by hour, just like you – the same but different.
Some days it is dark, full of pain, ready to cry.
Other days it is bursting with joy, shining it’s light on the world.
We pollute it with our sins, just like you are polluted by the contamination of this world.
But you do not give in, like it you are resilient, true to what you are. Unashamed to be there for people to look up to.
And I do. Look up to you with reverence, love, fascination and joy. Because like the sky shares itself with us, I love how you share you.
So as the sky writes on me, as it stains my skin. You have stained my heart, my soul. Friendship formed I hope, forever, like the sky.


~ by Paul McGovern on June 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sky”

  1. Simply put, this is a sublime mixture of reverence, awe, nature and friendship. You weave words together with such ease and skill, you truely are a wordsmith and have the soul of a poet. Your friend is very lucky to have you gift them such beautiful words.

  2. ‘The unknowingness of pensive thought’ A line that resonates with me.

    This is a poem with such a grounded, earthy feel despite it’s subject. I mean that in that it is written with such realness, such honesty.

    ‘The same but different…’ So true in that when we look up there is a constant, yet within that constant there is change and movement – fluid motion.

    ‘…polluted with the contamination of this world…’ I adore that line.

    I adore all of this. Like everything you write. Just adore it…

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