All alone is all we are, a refutal…

Jewelled star, perfect light of darkness.
There for all to gaze and see, light distributed evenly for all who fall under sky.
The rural remoteness of this place, Ireland embraces darkness like few others.
Alone with my star I feel at night, against solid oak contemplation and consideration.
Etched carvings of those in love in a moment, did you illuminate their love too?

I hesitate in motion, the stillness has penetrated me, a quiet numbness.
Eyes open to interpret the dusk, the dimming of the world.
The comfort in the thought of you, a patience for hands.

Alone in the ordinary, staggering, stumbling to exhume my soul.
I wrap myself in the blanket of your words.
A need to be dosed differently, a redemption in the written.

Together we vibrate, a reverberation of the echo of love.
Your body pulses on mine, hand in hand against the rusted scars of convention.
A carnal clasp. I want to be a lullaby of kisses in your nightly routine.
A transmutation of what is to what you need me to be.
To you I relinquish all control.


~ by Paul McGovern on July 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “All alone is all we are, a refutal…”

  1. […] Paul: […]

  2. Beautiful poem 🙂

  3. If anyone reads this and doesn’t like it, there’s something wrong with them.

  4. Loneliness and deep intimacy intertwined in love. A very effective piece.

  5. The beginning of this provides such visuals for me; beautifully written. I can see the stars, the rural remoteness, a deep night, the solid oak. I can see it all.

    ‘A need to be dosed differently, a redemption in the written.’ This is so perfectly written, love it.

    You draw this poem to a close perfectly. ‘I want to be a lullaby of kisses…’ What a magnificent line. As is the is poem in it’s entirety – magnificent.

  6. creative thoughts, love the way your word speak.

    Join Poets Rally today,
    We value your talent.
    Happy July 4TH!

  7. awesome 🙂

  8. Thanks all for the very kind words : ) It is so nice to read the thoughts and responses of others. I appreciate you taking the time!

  9. lovely

  10. Yes…well….Lord.
    Beautiful, sensual flow of words, creating visuals that entice feelings of longing in the strongest of ways. The way you connect with your thoughts and surroundings-bleeding the page with such decadent words is nothing short of mesmerising.
    Your vision of the beauty in nature blends beautifully into the nature of beauty, creating a look at duality that is authentic and stirring.
    My golden nugget pick?

    ‘A need to be dosed differently, a redemption in the written.’


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