This sight

“I alone was girding myself to face the ordeal of my journey and my duty”
Dante doesn’t know me or does he?
Silent poetry, the unspoken verse,
the one that I write in actions.

Without you there are no reasons left to fight,
an exhibition of the essence, what makes me?
Acid bases? Grey matter? Choice?
Purpose sought always.
A pen pushing meaning onto paper.

In you there is god, not a god but the representation of belief.
I may believe in nothing, but such belief implies a belief in something.
Dirty pretty chaos, my subtle entropy.
To you I bestow all my love.

Until atoms can no longer hold true, when antimatter and matter collide annihilating meaning.
A fool of physics. I know only one truth, I love you.


~ by Paul McGovern on July 2, 2011.

One Response to “This sight”

  1. Oh I love this poem so…

    ‘Silent poetry, the unspoken verse,
    the one that I write in actions.’

    This speaks to me of the poetry in living, being, breathing, before it is placed on paper.

    ‘A pen pushing meaning onto paper’ This line made me think of how we so often literally almost try and push our feelings out onto paper in order to find sense, to reconcile thoughts.

    This poem speaks to me of a soul searching, finding its way and seeking purpose, meaning. Like we all do I guess. There’s a sense of resignation almost, a listless realisation. Yet there is an anchor, in love.

    Beautiful words as always.

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