Our lullaby is knotted fingers, trusted touches.
It is mortal, entirely beautiful, a transient guest of the time we share.
Thoughts, whispers and kisses exchanged in darkness, watched by midnight and the thereafter.
A letting down of the day, a pleasure taken in the freeing of her form.

The cool black cotton sea rises inexorably, our love buoyant in the depths.
Softly the night breathes across our skin, subtle sighs.
Playful, soft shadows move on the walls, carefree abandon in our contact.
Your laughter permeates, penetrates me completely, smiles not solitude.

And then the settling. An anchor slides into our receptacle.
We moor ourselves in stillness, bidding farewell to consciousness.
But we do not part, for we dream on each other.
A bond forged, unbreakable by design.


~ by Paul McGovern on July 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “Lullaby”

  1. ‘The cool black cotton sea rises inexorably, our love buoyant in the depths.’ I absolutely adore this analogy.

    A beautiful poem that reels me in as the reader slowly and takes me to a blissful nocturnal state of mind. Freedom, comfort, sensuality, soul smiling and bonds.

    The last four lines are simply stunning.

  2. A tender tribute to noctural lovers; and I particularly like the last stanza “mooring yourselves to stillness” There is a quiet and peacefulness in this poem that reveals fulfillment in your love. Very nice!

  3. ‘Our lullaby is knotted fingers…….’

    What a glorious, luminous peek at intimacy your words give. This first line made me close my eyes and swoon.
    You write love so beautifully, tuning it with such tangible sensuality that I’m oft left in awe, marveling at the way you use language as a mirror that reflects your soul and lets us see your beauty pour from it.
    You take simple, quiet moments and breathe life into them by describing the details in such a way that we believe there CAN be made extraordinary moments in an ordinary life-well, atleast I can.

    And this line

    ‘But we do not part, for we dream on each other’

    Oh what a luscious line that is.

  4. Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. It is lovely to see people read what I write and to acknowledge that they get something from doing so : )

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