Light casts shadow, or does shadow perpetuate light.
Beholder – harsh scrutiny, contentment envisaged.
The discourse of love, our monograph. Pristine serenity.
Silence, the echo of calm – dialogues with the deaf.

The ablution of tears, each caught in my palm, distilled in moments.
The process of experience, I love you as I live.
Opulence, your mind – repository of wonder.
Decorum, your soul – vestibule of majesty.
Quintessential – your entity – receptacle of evolution.

Distance fades, connection grows.
You are symmetry, fractal fascination, imagination and utopian.
You are atmosphere, that which encompasses.
Our gaze falls in parallel, hands held in the absence of touch, love bridging the gap.
We belong.
Sky stare, as rain falls, conflict descends, disrupting the still.
At night the ache swells, fortitude in an unquiet mind.
Necessity the mother of invention? Creativity is an orphan.

You envelop me, duvet like, the me in me.
Osmosis, love in transit.
Perpendicular resistance, defiant of their whims.
Truth known, reasoned, understood. Joy. Shared.
Forever waiting a shadow, we burn the darkness all away.
Tenebrous, the core of others. Scintillating our nucleus.

What powers time? A battery – our energy, existence a witness.
The brightest star anaemic in your presence.
Social constructivism, interpret as you will.
The inverted arrow of tolerance.

Yet the girl, always the girl. Beacon, love birthed.
Winged, pinnacle of celestial hierarchy – ascended wonder.
Fuzzy warmth, time as time should be.
Who loves? Those that fall and I plummet into you.
Smiles, laughter, intellectual intercourse, fragility of touch, whispers, sighs, the comfort of eyes.
Hair unravels, as does convention, a dilation of receptive tendency.
Armaments. A poet with pen, a samurai with blade, a boy with love.


~ by Paul McGovern on October 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Equipoise”

  1. Unbelievably wonderful. X

  2. This speaks to me of balance – not surprising considering the title. Passion and intensity drive every line. You write with such spirit.

    ‘The brightest star anaemic in your presence’
    So striking.

    ‘The ablution of tears, each caught in my palm, distilled in moments.’
    This line creates magical imagery. In fact, the poem in its entirety is brimming with visuals. Each lines paints a picture, building to create a greater collage of snapshots and moments in your (the writers) mind that we can share as readers.

    ‘Who loves? Those that fall and I plummet into you.’
    This concept, the way you write it – genius! It should be seen, read, felt. I adore it.

    It always thrills me to see your words here. Thank you for sharing your gift – for it is a gift. Your style is sublimely unique in its impact.

  3. Wonderful what you can stumble into, I feel like a girl discovering a cave of wonder like Aladdin. My heart had palpitations reading this, it moved all of me in many ways. If I may be so bold as to quote you “Creativity is an orphan” and again “Who loves? Those that fall and I plummet into you”. I abandon myself when I read your words. Articulate, intelligent, layered magnificence. Call me a fan 🙂

  4. Who loves? Those that fall, and I plummet into you. My favorite line here. And I fell and plummeted into this poem…as if in a dark cave, illuminated by your crystalled, jeweled words. Brilliant! What more can I say? I will be back to reread this, because it is too rich for just one reading.

  5. This is a stunning poem. You describe a relationship of love in all its facets, so detailed, so mentally sensual.

    • Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment and being so kind in your words. I just had a quick look at your blog, I intend to visit it in more detail tomorrow.

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