This envelope – envelops, contains a choice.
A reason to explore the hue.
Manila fragranced with insight, soft folds crease the plain.

The conundrum of simplicity is the vice.
Consequence echoed in the hold.
What cause is sought to be the such.
A dim whisper untold.

I am / I am – as Plath would say, a murmur of the two.
Under the watchful eye of night I contemplate the view.
Self sinks to skin – thought to burst and drift gently up.

A place to be and to fathom such.
Pale blue to indigo takes.


~ by Paul McGovern on January 11, 2012.

One Response to “Enigmatic”

  1. Dreamy quality. The words slip over and off the page like butter. Contemplation speaks freely without structure or constraints.

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