The glass spills, refraction into the lens of my eye

Distortion / fractured intent – perhaps.

Do you want me here? Each question demands an answer.

Sometimes I want to run, stay perfectly still, in that disparate expression.

I can’t get your voice out of my head, echoes resound – on and on until I fall asleep in the porch.

This quiet solitude is draining, deep inside me / a spider makes a home – weaves disconnection.

So I fall apart at the weekend, disseminate thought and feeling in release.

Sometimes I close the door and lock the key inside the lock.

Eyes are tighter, focus the frame.

Curious of my resolve, instinct does not explain.

Lunar accompaniment drowns out the white noise.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to think of nothing at all / just for a moment.

The sky is weighed down, wants to rise.

Sometimes I think I feel like the sky.

Sometimes I believe the sky feels like me.

Sometimes I think I believe.



~ by Paul McGovern on January 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sometimes”

  1. I really love the last line but the entire piece is wonderful.

  2. ‘Sometimes I want to run, stay perfectly still, in that disparate expression’

    Disparate but not…I love this line. To run or stay still – difference, yet the drive behind both the same perhaps.

    ‘Sometimes I close the door and lock the key inside the lock.’

    I adore that picture. So relatable. As if the key in the locked lock symbolises another shutting out. A safety measure on top of a safety measure.

    This poem speaks to me with melancholic reflection. So many layers. Each line waiting to be unfolded and interpreted.

    • I love it when someone reads my words and completely gets the fundamental underlying themes and points… You do this so very well. You identify the lines that hold greatest significance for me and expand them with your own reflection. Thank you very much x

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